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Something is up in the UK! Conferences and a RE-INVENTION of Manufacturing

September is a busy time for conferences, and if you are in the UK, you have the opportunity to attend two very down to earth events in September….both in Birmingham, both free of charge.

23rd September:  Manufacturing Services Thought Leadership conference. Organised by The Manufacturer, this conference is aimed at SMEs wanting to develop Service based models such as Servitisation. Very down to earth and very pragmatic. ‘Service in Industry’s’ Nick Frank will also be speaking on ‘how by gaining a deep insight into your customers business plus a bit of imagination, even small companies can develop profitable outcome based services that help drive growth’. See this link for more details. Chairing the conference will be Professor Tim Baines, a champion of servitization within UK Manufacturing.

30th September, The Service Community is being hosted by the Aston University in Birmingham. A very different event for Service in Industry professionals, we are expecting over 40 participants to discuss and debate how Big Data is being used to affect Customer Outcomes. Practitioners from Rolls Royce, Pitney Bowes and Inca will be discussing their personal experiences.  In addition we will have a view of the future from Andreas Schroeder of the Aston Business School.  This event is unique, as there are no sponsors, no hidden agendas, just professionals talking to professionals…a true community. To sign up see the Service Community website.

But there is something up in the UK. Today I was at the House Commons with Professor Raj Roy and his team from Cranfield.  They were  presenting a case for a  National Policy for Through Life Engineering Services(TES) to MPs. Cranfield and the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing have been working on the engineering expertise that underpins the ability for companies to provide their customers with the AVAILABILITY and/or OUTCOME based contracts. These contracts reflect a world where customers no longer want to purchase the asset, but are redefining their needs in terms of outcomes; Rolls Royce’s Power by the Hour being one of the best known examples.  Research has shown that the TES market in the UK generated £23bn revenues for the UK. The exciting thing for the UK is that politicians, technology and industry are starting to realise that manufacturing must re-invent itself if it is to be sustainable and competitive. Manufacturing is no longer just about the product. With the IoT data and analytics it has become much much more fuzzy. Perhaps more on this at a later date.

And finally on the 6th October, the Cambridge Service Alliance is holding a conference titled ‘Creating Value through Customer Services‘. Although a paid conference, I always find the CSA events well worth going to as they present ideas that are on the leading edge of services development in industry.

Welcome back from Summer!!

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