If last year was the year of the employee, 2016 is promising to be the year of the customer. With executives finally beginning to understand that customer service is a competitive differentiator, businesses can expect an amazing year for customer experience.

What does the future of customer experience look like?

From leveraging self-service tool for personalisation to embracing  omni-channel customer servicing, here are eight trends in customer experience that are becoming relevant to most businesses in 2016.




David Younger is CEO of TheServiceManager.com, an Australian service consultancy. With over 20 years in the computer industry, David has extensive experience in business consulting, programming, technical services and product development. David has developed, designed and deployed hundreds of business applications in a wide range of situations, gaining extensive hands-on experience in the area of Field Service. His insight and understanding of customer needs combined with his technical proficiency have enabled him to grow TheServiceManager.com into a high-growth market-leading supplier of business solutions with installations in 7 countries that has tripled sales in the last three years.


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