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Next Service Community event part of UK Servitization Conference 18th October

For UK readers of this briefing, The Service Community will be holding its next event as part of the Servitization Conference to be held at Aston Villa Football club in Birmingham on the 18th October 2016. Organised  by ‘The Manufacturer’ and supported by the Advanced Services Group from Aston Business School, this promises to be one of the largest conference held in the UK on the shift from product to Service Thinking.

With experienced practitioners from large companies as well as small, we will be exploring topics such as:

  • How to sell services successfully within a Product focussed culture
  • Turning data from a simple product into an operations platform for casino’s
  • The management art of moving from a product to service centric culture

As an active supporter of ‘The Service Community’, Si2 Partners Nick Frank will be chairing the Service Community stream. The Advanced Services Group will run a second stream focusing on Servitization strategy and all attendees will be free to attend which ever discussions they want.  Normally entry is £495, but is free of charge for Service Community members. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please join the Service Community by emailing Theservicecommunity@gmail.com and they will send you a discount code that will give you free entry through the conference sign-up process.

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