We are always keen to support anyone who has a passion for services in industry, and so when we are approached by students wanting to undertake research, we will do our best to help them.

One such PhD student Wanrong Zhang from Warwick University is searching for UK based experienced senior managers from industry to participate in a study on the topic of:

‘Competing through Service Products: Challenges and Solutions

This is her pitch to you:

I am a Doctoral researcher in Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick, investigating the challenges facing by companies when transforming from a product supplier to an integrated solution (Service Product) supplier.

‘Power by the hour’ launched by Rolls Royce is a typical example of service products, which the company integrated services to products to provide value in use for customers. 

In order to explore the operational challenges of organizations during the development and delivery of service products, I would like to invite to participate in this study by completing an online survey. This should take about 10 mins.

Please be aware appropriate participants should meet the following criteria in order to provide a valid response:

1. Your company supplies/is considering to supply integrated solutions to business customers, e.g. advanced services, consultancy, system integration and outcome based contracts etc.

2. Your company operates in the UK

The benefits:

1. This survey has been sent to senior managers in UK companies that have developed a significant service capability in order to achieve a rounded perspective on this topic

2. A survey report* and £2 donation to the Cancer Research UK will be supplied by your completed survey

3. You will have chance to get an insightful interview report* if you choose to attend a follow-up interview next year, please see the last page of online survey for more details and sign-up for the interview

*Both of these reports are free-of-charge, and will be supplied through emails.


All data collection activities are confidential, your name and your company brand will be removed from all publications resulting from the research.

How to take part:

Simply clicking the link below to start your survey:


Please do forward this survey to your colleagues or friends, who are interested or have the best knowledge to answer this survey.

If you have any question about the study, please contact me directly at +44-(0)24-7652-8391 or via email wanrong.zhang@warwick.ac.uk

Thanks for your help in advance!

Wanrong Zhang