We are investigating how, why (or why not) businesses are using or planning to use Augmented Reality (AR) in industrial, technical and after sales services.

Augmented Reality is still a new technology, though mature enough to potentially have a tangible impact on productivity and cost. It can be implemented stand-alone or as part of broader digitization / Industry 4.0 initiatives, integrated with other platforms and Apps or the Industrial Internet of Things. Both vendors and users are actively trying to determine best practices and find use cases with high impact and many are producing excellent results. Others however are still struggling with implementation, have difficulty convincing relevant staff of the value or have not found the “killer App”. The purpose of this survey is to understand today’s practice, draw conclusions and make suggestions for implementation improvement and best practices relevant to both users and vendors.

In addition to this questionnaire we plan to conduct 20-30 more extensive (45-60 min), structured remote interviews with selected participants to delve deeper into some of the issues and better understand causes of problems and how they can be overcome. At the same time, we are interested in innovative, high impact use cases. All participants will receive a summary of survey results free of charge. Participants who are interviewed will further receive the full report of survey results, also free of charge.

All individual answers and all information from interviews will be used solely for analysis purposes, will be held strictly confidential and will not be made available to any third party. Results will only be published in aggregate or anonymized form. Interviewees may provide permission to release  some identifiable information on interesting use cases.

If you are using or are planning to use Augmented Reality in your service business we’d be very interesting to learn your views.

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