We wrote this guide to help B2B business leaders marketing products and services in ways that, over time, have become unproductive; resonate less with their target markets; and, are making their job more difficult as they attempt to grow their top and bottom lines.

We live in the Age of the Customer and customers are in charge. This is the result of global connectedness, i.e., the ability to find product and service information, communicate with people and assess and purchase products and services anytime, anywhere.

As a result, the well-known Golden Rule has now changed:

Golden Rule 2.0 says “do unto others the way they want to be done unto.”

Companies need customer and market insight more than ever.  And companies have to learn how to listen to people, decide on appropriate actions, implement the decisions and monitor the results to ensure their promises are actually being experienced and that the experiences are delighting (or even satisfying) the people the companies need to pay them for their products and services.

This guide answers most of your questions about brand, customer experience, and growth.


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