Augmented Reality is a transformational technology for field service and service in general. But we are still at the beginning.

So, are companies adopting AR for field service? Our survey showed that they are. Most expect significant cost savings and productivity improvements through AR, mainly in engineering time and travel cost -and, interestingly, smaller companies are at least as much engaged with the technology as larger ones: Upfront investment can be low, and it can be implemented quickly and stand-alone (at least initially). Importantly, it may help reduce pressure on scarce, highly qualified, and expensive engineering resources, while simultaneously improving the cost-effective support of remote customers (smaller companies are less likely to have extensive service networks).  Overall, we found that while less than 1/3 of respondents already used AR, and, of those, the majority had introduced it over the past 12 months, another third planned to introduce it over the coming 12 months. This indicates an accelerating trend.

These interviews with Titos Anastassacos and Peter Maier provide more information about the survey results, how the technology can support the business and the challenges of implementation.


AR Survey, Interview with Titos Anastassacos


Augmented Reality in Service, Interview with Peter Maier

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