Si2 Partners is proud to announce the launch of PAS280 by the British Standards Institute (BSI) on Through-life Engineering Services – Adding business value through a common framework – Guide.

The PAS (Publicly Available Specification), if successful, is a precursor to the publication of a formal British Standard. It came about as Innovate UK identified that while there are many British Standards covering Quality, Obsolescence, Logistics , Service Data and  Asset Management (eg BS ISO 5000), there are no standards that provide industry with a management framework as to how to develop a service business within the industrial environment.  Many major OEM’s such a Bombardier and BAE Systems are frustrated that their own supply chains do not understand the importance of these new service business models.  Indeed the competitiveness of many of these businesses is threatened if they can not get their supply base up to speed fast enough!

This document is targeted at this problem. It aims to provide a management guideline for how to servitize an industrial business in plain simple language that is free from jargon. It was developed by leading  thinkers and practitioners of Service Thinking in the UK manufacturing and engineering industries. For example, much of the framework is based on the most sophisticated buyer of service capability in the world over the past 20 years,  the UK Ministry of Defence. It has also been considerably shaped by the experiences of one of the most advanced service businesses within global industry, Rolls Royce Aerospace. It has the support of academia such as Cranfield University who are leaders in the technologies that support Through-life Engineering Services, as well as the Cambridge Service Alliance (part of Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing) who specialize more in servitization business models.

As the key contributors’ focus is on large complex assets the document is named Through-life Engineering Services. But in truth, the management practices and thinking that have been outlined, are also highly relevant to any  industrial business wishing to shift it’s thinking from products to services.  Si2 Partners, as part of the Steering Board for the PAS development, represented these small and medium sized companies with one objective being to keep the language as inclusive as possible.

We would recommend that any leader with responsibility for driving forward a service business within an industrial environment to read this document. It is very accessible and contains best practices from  the leading companies, buyers and thinkers in UK industry.

You can download your copy free of charge at

A hard copy is also available for purchase.

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Nick Frank is Managing Partner at Si2 Partners, a consultancy helping clients leverage services to win in industrial markets. Nick is an expert in Service Transformation, specifically helping organisations use technology to find new value within their customer’s value chain, facilitating bootcamps to help teams solve challenging problems, and business assessments to kick start the change process

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