Water utilities and predictive analytics, AI for spare parts management, 3D printing parts for legacy equipment, digitization, electrification and Natural Language Processing in Service Management Systems


– Water utilities embrace predictive analytics for operationsSpare parts management with AI support; 3D printing parts for construction equipment; Drones helping utilities in maintenance of large energy facilities; Digitization seems to be easier when you’re a big company rather than a small one; Technology and falling costs are driving a new electrical revolution; Boeing strengthens its position in the growing MRO service market with a big acquisition; A major vendor of Service Management Systems augments its offering with Natural Language Processing. –


Water utilities: Multiple types of data can enable predictive analytics to alert operators when condition-based maintenance is needed, monitor water loss and manage problems with water quality in real time. For example, using predictive analytics, a utility can monitor dissolved oxygen in water systems and automatically make adjustments based on weather, water flows and temperature… Pilot studies show that utilities could save as much as 12% in operational costs by creating a “smart” water utility

Spare Parts Management: Using AI to optimize spare parts stocks while preventing shutdowns due to… missing spare parts

3D Printing Spare Parts: Volvo is 3D printing spare parts for obsolete construction equipment…Turnaround time for replacement can be as short as a week, which minimizes downtime for a piece of equipment in the field. The ability to replace parts for legacy machines also extends the equipment’s lifetime even further.

Drone Services: Energy companies need to monitor thousands of miles of pipelines, tank farms, transmission lines, and other assets in order to determine how and when maintenance activities need to be performed. The sheer size and scope of managing this infrastructure mean that the ability to automate tasks related to performing such inspections will create incredible efficiencies. This is one reason why the energy sector as a whole is quickly adopting drones.

Digitization: Small companies getting left behind in digital transformation. According to a recent study, adoption rates of emerging technologies in large enterprises are up to 10 times higher than in small businesses.

Technology: Powering a new electrical revolution…It’s unstoppable because it’s based on rapidly falling costs

MRO Service: Boeing acquires big parts and services supplier to augment its position in the MRO service market -following a major strategic shift towards services in the past couple of years

Service Management Systems: ServiceNow to incorporate Natural Language Processing into its systems via an acquisition


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