At Si2 we support many communities where Service Professionals can talk and share experiences. One of them is the unique UK Service Community which is having it’s next event at Renishaw PLC near Bristol on the 2nd April. Renishaw is a UK based global technology leader with core skills in measurement, motion control, healthcare, spectroscopy and manufacturing,   You can register for this event through this link

The agenda has been designed to enable the 30-40 attendees to have deeper conversations about how to grow service businesses. Highlights are:

  • Two deep dive facilitated discussion looking at how Renishaw are transforming their service business.
  • Chris Raddats, industry expert who will lead a discussion based research he undertook for 4 leading UK companies on how relationships are increasingly important in service business growth.
  • Heidelberg, one of the leading global manufacturers of digital print equipment will be talking about how they are overcoming the challenges of moving from advanced services to new outcome based business models such as subscription services.

The event will run from 10.30 – 15.30 and include a light lunch and you can sign up  through this link .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nick Frank at

Detailed Agenda

Meet 10.00 for 11.30 Start

  • Welcome  from Renishaw PLC Diane Nichols – Service Development Manager
  • Tour of the Innovation Centre to showcase Renishaw Technologies and act as an introduction to the seminar topics.
  • Seminar type discussions to discuss how a global business such as Renishaw is dealing with different Service Challenges. We will try a new format, where a Renishaw leader will outline their challenge and how they have gone about managing the situation. We will then look and discuss similar experiences from the attendees. A Service Community facilitator will then summarise the common threads of the discussion.
    • Group1) Breaking organisational Silos: How can managers keep all the different groups and functions within a service business, focussed on the customer outcome
      Led by Martin Carr – Group Service Manager & Nick Frank (SC Facilitator)
    • Group 2) Bridging the IT Solutions Gap through change: As organisations embark on change, it is somewhat inevitable that implementation of support tools such as CRM, Mobile and Service Management or not necessarily in synch with organisational change. How can managers see their way through this jungle.
      Led by Diane Nichols & Adrian Botham(SC Facilitator)
    • Swap groups and have a 2nd discussion
  • Networking Lunch
  • Seminar Debrief: 10 minute debrief by Service Community facilitator on the two discussions
  • How manufacturers drive Service-Led growth   Chris Raddats  Snr Lecturer Liverpool University
    Chris has co-authored a number of leading research papers into Servitisation. One particular recent study was done with 4 leading UK industrial companies understanding “how relationships support manufacturers in developing service-led growth”. Based on this research and his own 11 years in industry with Marconi, Chris will lead a group discussion on:
    a) The processes, organisational structures and practices utilised by manufacturers engaging in services-led growth
    b) How the emergence of new service offerings impacts the provision of existing product offerings
    c) The role of relationships in the innovation and diffusion of services
  • Moving to Outcome Based Services     David Schmedding Head of Customer Mngt & Subscription Heidelberg
    We will hear about how a global leader in the digital printing industry, with already a very successful service business, is moving to the next phase of outcome services.  Not many equipment manufacturers have been brave or capable enough to move this far, so this will be a unique chance to from a highly expert company on the real impact of digital, culture and customers on achieving ambitious service business growth.

15.30 Coffee/Networking/Departure

You can signup through this link 

For background on the Service Community, see their website