I am looking to catching up with attendees of Copperberg’s Field Service Forum in Amsterdam next week. I will be there running a panel discussion on Augmented Knowledge with, Patrick Jansen, Priyansh Saxena and Olga Litvinchuk who will be explaining their vision of Augmented Knowledge and why it is a capability that is key to their business growth. It will be interesting to see how this fits with some of the ideas Peter Maier published in his article on Augmented Knowledge in Field Service news last year.

They bring to the discussion a much wider perspective than normally heard during presentations on Augmented Reality which typically focus on cost savings and customer experience. They have experienced that when Knowledge Management is combined with tools such as Augmented Reality, it becomes a strategy for sustainable competitive advantage based on a companies intellectual property. This in turn starts to open opportunities for new interesting service based business models.

I will also be running an interesting round table on “Artificial Intelligence for Automated Service Management’ We will have an interesting discussion on what this actually means, how we turn Business Problems into Data Solutions and some of the areas of service management being impacted by these new ways of thinking.

I am sure some interesting case studies will emerge from these discussions.

Nick Frank is a Founding Partners of Si2Partners