As you may know, Si2 supports the UK Service Community, which is holding it’s next event at the Henley Business School’s site near Henley on Thames on the 31st March.  The event is being hosted by MCFT (McFarlane Telfer), a maintenance provider of commercial kitchen equipment who have a Royal Warrant for Services to the Queen. The Service Community is really excited that MCFT stepped forward to host the event as it is a chance for a successful UK SME with a customer base in the UK and Middle East, to show case their approach to Services.  

Chris Craggs, MCFT CEO will talk about their vision for leveraging technology to more effectively integrate with customers as well as suppliers. He will talk about the key challenges in ‘opening the eyes’ of key stakeholders as to the mutual value that can be delivered, as well as the integration challenges that SME’s face in connecting to different ‘things’ in the value chain.  

Veronica Martinez from Cambridge University will share recent research on how blockchain technology is being used to enable customer order management. Veronica who has spoken at previous Community events and is a recognized thought leader from the Cambridge Service Alliance and the Centre for Digital Built Britain.

We will hear from two other practitioners. Chris Leather from €3.6bn Gauselmann Gaming Group will share how IoT Technology and thinking have been integrated into their service model to achieve maximum uptime of their gaming equipment.

As a buyer of services, Tim Bennet from Rolls Royce will provide a manufacturing perspective on why he buys services and perspective as an Asset User. This will provide excellent insights for any manager looking to develop their Service Sales function.

And between these conversations, we will run a 60mins “Discussion Cafe” on the topics raised in the Community meeting.

So the 31st promises to be another excellent opportunity where 30-40 service professionals have a chance to learn from colleagues in a unique community environment  There are no sponsors, no sales people, no fees, just professionals who volunteer to share their experiences, facilities and time.  You can sign up for this unique event through this link or by contacting us at