Now that many countries are leaving lockdowns and easing restrictions it’s time to talk about what’s next for the service business.

In last month’s SLN Virtual Roundtable on Leaving Lockdown, the discussion ranged from managing capacity, to how to leverage service to fill product revenue holes, to carrying over lessons learned about new ways of working into the future. Above all, it is clear that each company has its own priorities driven by the company context. Despite no clear pattern in strategy and approach, what is also clear is that sharing experiences with a small group of service peers from different backgrounds is an extremely valuable process. It allows ideas to be tested, new insights perceived, and above all, enables greater confidence in decision making on the route through uncharted waters.

 So our next monthly round table will be held on Friday 3rd July at 13.30 as a continuation of the discussion “Leaving Lockdown”. It is an excellent opportunity to share ideas and thoughts with peers from other industries. The participants drive the topics they want to discuss and the virtual round table will be facilitated by Nick Frank from Si2.

You can signup to the round table through this link, where upon you will be sent a meeting link. The number of attendees is limited to 10.

 If you have any questions about the discussion, please do not hesitate to contact Nick Frank at The long version of the link to register is