The next SLN Virtual Experience Exchange on the “Data-savvy Service Professional” will be virtually on Zoom on 18 February 2021 at 15:00 CET.

If you’d like to take part instructions are provided below. This is a free event.

As part of the Service Leaders Network, we are organizing a Virtual Experience Exchange on Zoom for a limited number of service professionals on Friday 18th February 2021 at 15:00 CET . To register for this small but highly interactive discussion, use this link to Eventbrite

 Many companies have their sights on using sophisticated analytics tools and artificial intelligence to strengthen their competitive capacity or improve their operations. But often they should think about improving numeracy and basic data skills of their people first.

This open discussion will be based on our recent article in the Service in Industry Hub “Are you ready for the Data Savvy World?” where we explore what it is to be data savvy and some of the tell tail signs that may indicate that your organization is not yet ready to move with the times.

We want to give service professionals a chance to exchange experiences with peers from different companies in small intimate groups, to explore how ready they are for data. The discussion will be about 60 minutes with the following agenda:

  • Si2 research on data-savvy organizations by Nick Frank
  • Facilitated discussions in smaller groups
  • Plenary and wrap up

To prepare your thoughts, do a quick self-check by trying our 3-minute assessment with just 7 questions by following this link

This discussion is part of our Service Leaders Network(SLN) roundtable series in the “From Business Problems to Data Solutions Theme”. 

 If you have any questions, then please contact

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