The next SLN Summit will take place on 09 March 2023  at the Lufthansa Conference Center near Frankfurt Airport, Germany.

If you are a senior Service Manager in the industrial, engineering, manufacturing or energy space and would be interested to attend please fill in the form below and we will contact you with more information as soon as possible.

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For existing SLN members, the Summit is an opportunity to pick up on some of the discussions you started in earlier SLN events, to share experiences on current challenges and to define how you want the SLN to work and the topics of interest going forward.

For newcomers, it is an opportunity to understand how the SLN works, to gain insight into current challenges facing service leaders around Europe and beyond, to listen to and question experts and to network with colleagues.

Additionally, the goal of the Summit is for members to set the agenda for the Service Leaders network for the coming 12 months for Collaboration Projects and SLN Experience Exchanges.

Attendees have the opportunity to help co-design the services and operating process of the network, so that they ensure that it works best for them and their requirements.

The atmosphere is open, friendly and confidential and vigorous debate is encouraged.

The SLN Summit is held once per year.

Participation fee: 

Members:               300 EUR

Non-members:      500 EUR

Find out more about the Service Leaders Network


The Summit style will be a flexible & informal workshop format with the following proposed agenda. If you would like amendments or to include some specific points, please let us know.

8.30   Coffee and networking: chance to get acquainted to attendees and meet old friends

9.00   Welcome: Objective, attendee expectations and agree agenda

9.30   Discussion – what is on your minds. Brainstorm key challenges you need to address in the coming 12months. Collect, review and group ideas

11.00   ‘Leverage Services to strengthen and grow the bottom line during times of economic uncertainty’ – a discussion with Des Evan ex CEO MAN UK. As we face a period of unheard of economic uncertainty, this discussion with Des Evans will focus on how he leveraged services to transform MAN’s UK distributor at a time of shrinking market and later through the Financial Crisis.

12.00   Morning review / Plan for the afternoon

12.15    Lunch & Networking

13.30   Overcoming the Field Service Supply chain capacity squeeze. This has become the issue of the day for nearly all Service operations. To facilitate a discussion, Bernard Kuehner from Enphase Energy will give a short 15-minute presentation on his experiences. We will then have facilitated discussion to pull out of the group what we feel are the “Good Practices’ to overcome this challenge.

14.30   Identify your Priorities. Take the morning discussion and identify what are the priorities

15.00   How can the SLN help you with these challenges? What support can provide most value? How should it be structured given the experiences we have had with SLN Collaboration Projects and Experience exchanges? Does the subscription based programme with quarterly meetings make sense?

15.30   Next steps and projects. Agree the programme for the next 12 months

16.30   Report out and summarise Summit Actions

17.00   End