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Michael Blumberg

Michael Blumberg is a Si2 Expert in after-sales services and reverse logistics. He specializes in analyzing current capabilities and market needs leading to the development of realistic strategies for business expansion into previously uncharted territory. Mike is also an expert in the management of internal systems and processes so that they operate at an optimal level of productivity and efficiency, aligned towards the needs of the external market.

A consultant since the mid-80’s, Michael has been COO of D.F. Blumberg and Associates Inc. and is currently President of Blumberg Advisory Group, a well known specialist US consultancy focusing on services and the aftermarket. As such, Michael has successfully worked for numerous blue chip, Fortune 1000 and other national and international firms helping them develop service strategies and improve operations. His clients include companies from the industrial automation, manufacturing, telecoms, medical technology , IT services, facilities management, software and 3rd party logistics sectors.