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Wärtsilä Is Swapping Batteries For Waterway Vessels In The Netherlands

The concept is based on a network of open access charging points. Here, depleted battery containers can be exchanged for fully charged replacements. A ‘pay-per-use’ model has been set up whereby ZES charges only for the cost of consumed renewable energy. This allows the vessel’s operating costs to remain competitive.” ZES (Zero Emission Services) is the company that bought the initial units. ZES was founded just last year by ING Bank, Engie, the Port of Rotterdam, and Wärtsilä.

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Germany: Coal tops wind as primary electricity source

Despite efforts to boost renewable energy sources, coal unseated wind power as the biggest energy contributor to the German network in the first six months of 2021, according to official statistics released on Monday. The data comes as Germany looks to speed up its exit from coal-powered plants after years of mounting pressure from climate experts and activists over the country’s dependence on coal and its detrimental impact in fueling the climate crisis.

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The Less-Glamorous Side of the Watch Business: Repair Centers

Even though they are more utilitarian than luxe, service centers can, in their own way, reinforce a brand’s image of opulence. “As long as the brand steers the messaging right, and people understand that it’s a master craftsman working on their watch, whether they’re in a suburb, whether they’re in the country, out of the country, I don’t think really matters to the best customer, as long as they know they’re getting the best service possible,” said Christopher Olshan, chief executive of the Luxury Marketing Council Worldwide, an organization that promotes luxury brands.
And if that customer can get his watch returned promptly from servicing, Mr. Olshan added, “that’s a huge positive.”

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