This book makes available to engineering and maintenance services salespeople the advanced sales training they require to be successful in their roles. If you are one of these, it will provide you with the opportunity to develop your competences, showing you how to develop effective value propositions and how to influence systematically and sell as a team. (2018)

A comprehensive and practical introduction to an important trend in manufacturing, globally – servitization: the delivery of a service component as an added value when providing products. Written by a team of internationally respected servitization experts, this book provides you with a detailed road map for successfully navigating the servitization terrain and a framework for assessing the feasibility of adopting a services-led competitive strategy. (2013)

In Prediction Machines, three eminent economists recast the rise of AI as a drop in the cost of prediction. With this single, masterful stroke, they lift the curtain on the AI-is-magic hype and show how basic tools from economics provide clarity about the AI revolution and a basis for action by CEOs, managers, policy makers, investors, and entrepreneurs (2018)

Platform Revolution delivers a comprehensive analysis of how platforms use technology to match producers and consumers in a multisided marketplace, unlocking hidden resources and creating new forms of value. When a company like Uber connects drivers with passengers, everybody wins- except traditional taxi companies, which are scrambling to survive. Assumptions about operations, finance, strategy and innovation all change. Platform Revolution explores the what, how and why of this revolution and provides an “owner’s manual” for creating a platform marketplace. (2017)

A machine plays the strategy game Go better than any human; upstarts like Apple and Google destroy industry stalwarts such as Nokia; ideas from the crowd are repeatedly more innovative than those from corporate research laboratories. Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson know what it takes to master this digital-powered shift: we must rethink the integration of minds and machines, of products and platforms, and of the core and the crowd. The balance now favours the second element of the pair, with massive implications for how we run our companies and live our lives. McAfee and Brynjolfsson deliver a penetrating analysis of a new world and a toolkit for thriving in it. (2018)

A guided tour through the Internet of Things, a networked world of connected devices, objects, and people that is changing the way we live and work. (2015)

This book systematically describes the development of manufacturing servitization in the Asia-Pacific region. While some American and European manufacturing companies have successfully enhance their service orientation over the past three decades, in Asia-Pacific the phenomenon is more recent. One aspect of the book is that it takes into consideration the social and cultural characteristics of this region. (2016)

This book summarizes the “interim result” of servitization activities in manufacturing industries. While the early literature on servitization tended to stress only its advantages, more recently, scholars have also started to refer to the challenges associated with servitization. This book attempts to give a balanced picture of servitization. (2014)