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A planned maintenance programme keeps turbochargers out of the repair shop

As some of the hardest-worked machinery in the engineroom, turbos are liable to breakdown without regular attention. However, the number of failures of TORM’s radial turbos has collapsed by a massive 95% because the maintenance programme has been so effective for its fleet.

As the head of TORM’s technical division, Jesper Jensen, explains, the tankers no longer depend on shore-based repairs. As a result, downtime for repairs of the turbos has been almost completely eliminated.

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EDF, ORCA Hub in ‘First’ Autonomous ROV Wind Farm Foundation Inspection

EDF Renewables has deployed a customized remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to carry out what is believed to be the first autonomous wind farm foundation inspection at its Blyth offshore wind farm in the UK. The ROV was modified to include cutting-edge robotic technologies for autonomous inspection capabilities and carried out visual inspections of the gravity-based foundations of three wind offshore turbines over the course of four days…

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