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We are building a community of service in industry professionals -management practitioners, technical or functional specialists, consultants and academics. We welcome guest contributions to this blog by community members on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Blog guidelines:

  • You are personally responsible for the content you publish. What you publish on-line will be public for a long time. Protect your privacy.
  • Respect copyright, fair use and any applicable financial disclosure laws
  • Don’t provide your employer’s, client’s, partner’s, supplier’s or any other confidential or proprietary information. Don’t misuse any logos or trademarks and only use them if you have the authority to do so
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  • Respect our / your audience. Any slurs or discriminatory remarks relating to race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, including a transgender identity or genetics as well as any personal insults, incitements to violence, obscenity or any similar conduct is strictly prohibited
  • We welcome spirited and passionate discussion and debates, but all posts must be respectful of others and their opinion.
  • Posts must aim to add value in the form of original ideas or insights, opinions, knowledge, analysis or perspective. We do not accept white papers or posts with promotional content.
  • Posts need to be relevant to Service In Industry topics, including, but not limited to servitization, digital services, business models, strategic and market analysis, service management, technology, leadership, human capital, innovation, service products and solutions, service operations and logistics, field service, spare parts management, pricing of services, risk management and more. We welcome insights into particular industries, regions, countries, markets, methods, technologies, products or solutions. We reserve the right to reject any post that we deem either not sufficiently relevant, of sufficient interest or of sufficient depth and perspective. Bear in mind that we are a management rather than a technical/technology site, so technical articles without a management “angle” or perspective will be rejected. Please try to be “deep” rather than “broad”.
  • Each post we receive is first reviewed for acceptance criteria. It may take a few days before we can respond to your submissions. We appreciate your patience throughout our review
  • If your submission fits our criteria and is likely to be a good fit for Service in Industry Hub we will accept your post for publication. We reserve the right to edit your post for language, grammar and syntax
  • Posts must be submitted in English, in .doc format  and must not exceed 2,500 words
  • While we will consider only original, unpublished material for publication, posts may be re-purposed  elsewhere, with the stipulation that is given as the original source and a back link to the article on is provided.
  • To be considered as a guest contributor we require your resume highlighting your professional experience in topics relevant to Service in Industry Hub. A summary of your resume (approx. 100 words) will be published on the site
  • No compensation is paid for blog posts at this time. We will however promote posts through Linkedin and Twitter

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