Published Presentations, Case Studies, Reports, White Papers and Videos

Augmented Reality

A review of Microsoft Hololens Use Cases – Computerworld, Oct 2016

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing –, May 2017

Hololens plant investigation and 3D pipe design assistant – Bentley Innovation, Nov 2016 (Video)

Augmented Reality in Industry – GE, May 2017

Augmented Reality Transforming Work – Deloitte Review, Jul 2017

The Road Ahead for Augmented Reality – PWC, Apr 2016

Augmented Reality Pros and Cons in Field Services – Diginomica, Apr 2017

Augmented Reality in Field Service and Maintenance Applications – Service in Industry Hub, Nov 2017



Rio Tinto “Mine of the Future”. Internet of Things World Forum, Chicago IL,  Oct 2014

Goldcorp’s Eleonore Gold Mine in northern Canada.  Documented by Cisco, 2015

Dundee Precious Metals. Documented by Cisco. 2014

Mining 24 Hours a Day with Robots. MIT Tchnology Review 2016


Process Industries

Calcis Group lime production. Solution by Qualical. Documented for the Industrial Internet Consortium, 2016



E.ON Climate and Renewables (EC&R) North America. Improving Windpower Performance solution by GE. Documented for the Industrial Internet Consortium, 2015

Envision Energy. Improving Windpower Productivity through Analytics solution by Parstream. Documented for the Industrial Internet Consortium, 2015

Fortum. District Heating Network Monitoring, Control and Optimization solution by Cyberlightning. Documented for the Industrial Internet Consortium, 2015

Siemens. Control and Optimization of Windpower Generators solution by rti. Documented for the Industrial Internet Consortium, 2015

Beyond Digitization: The Convergence of Big Data, Analytics and Intelligent Systems in Oil and Gas. Published by the Industrial Internet Consortium


Agriculture and Farming

The Yield: Using the IoT to improve oyster farming in Australia. Published by

California Winery seeks better yield with connected tech. Published by ca technologies

Beecham Research: Overview on Smart Farming

John Deere Adds AI, IoT to Farm Equipment

From Farming To Big Data: The Amazing Story of John Deere

The Internet of Things and the Future of Farming. By New York Times, 2015

Working the Land and the Data. By New York Times, 2014

Can a Cow be an IoT Platform? By IoT Central


Engineering and Manufacturing

Lockheed Martin. Virtual Damage Assessment & Repair Tracking of Aircraft solution by ngrain. Documented for the Industrial Internet Consortium, 2015

GE’s Big Bet on Data and Analytics: MIT Sloan Management Review Case Study, 2016

Stanley Black & Decker: Leading Tools Manufacturer Transforms Operations with IoT. Documented by Cisco, 2014

Heidelberg Pioneers the Smart, Connected Printing Press. Documented by PTC

CNH Industrial Business Model Transformation. Documented by PTC



The Tesla IoT Car : Case Study. By MIT CNC Blog, 2014


Smart Cities

Barcelona, Spain. Documented by Cisco, 2015

Global Innovators: International Case Studies on Smart Cities. By Department of Business Innovation and Skills, UK



Diverse Summaries by Cisco, 2016

The Evolving World of Connected Things: Envisioning an IoT Data Marketplace by Tata Consultancy Services, 2015

Creating Connected Manufacturing Operations in the Internet of Things by Bosch Software Innovations, 2014

Industrial Internet Investment Strategies: New Roles, New Rules by Industrial Internet Consortium, 2015

Industrial IoT Startups Take An Increasingly Large Piece Of The Overall IoT Pie. By CB Insights