Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to join a new “Community” we are forming for Service in Industry professionals (business leaders, senior managers, experts). Unlike others, our community is focused solely on B2B manufacturers, solution providers and OEMs of industrial and capital goods, as well as maintenance contractors and other relevant service providers.

The purpose of the Community is to collaboratively raise the performance of leaders, managers, their people, and their organizations through ideation, the development of methods and tools, sharing of analysis, data, best practice, benchmarking as well as training and skills improvement. We are focused on classical topics such as strategy, marketing/sales/pricing, operations/logistics, and organizational development, but we will be taking on service-specific challenges such as servitization, transforming from product to services and solutions (outcome-based services), design thinking as well as special topics such as building platforms. Of course, we will be bringing this together with the digitization phenomenon: how to navigate and master digitization and how to use it in its various manifestations (from Augmented Reality to Predictive Maintenance to the Industrial Internet of Things or, indeed, Artificial Intelligence), for sustained competitive advantage in service markets, environments and ecosystems.

We envisage our Community to evolve into an interactive Peer-2-Peer platform providing data, information, knowledge, analysis, training as well as opportunities for debate and learning -augmented with physical “get-togethers” (seminars, site visits, events) in various locations. The agenda will be shaped by the members. Members from all over the world are welcome.

At Si2 Partners, we have recognized that in times of unprecedented rate and breadth of change nobody has all the answers. And we are firm believers that diverse communities of professionals coming together to shape the agenda, engage with issues and solve problems can create more value collectively than the sum of individual members – through boosting of creativity, information and knowledge exchange, resource pooling and avoidance of groupthink -on the condition of the right facilitation, structure, and processes.

Our first meeting will be held on March 22, 2019 in Seeheim Germany at the Lufthansa conference hotel. Participation will be limited to allow for discussion. The topics agenda will be set through a short survey (thanks to all those who have already taken the survey) and pre-meeting discussions. In addition, at this meeting, we will have a first conversation about the structure, organization, activities, and funding of the Community. The cost of the event will be €300 plus VAT p.p. You can register for the meeting by clicking on the following link.

Registration for the Meeting on 22 March


If you are interested to participate in the Community, but cannot attend the meeting, please still fill out the short survey on the topics for the agenda. We want the topics priorities to reflect the interests of as many colleagues as possible. Also, please sign-up using the form below and we will provide updates and keep you informed. We will be holding further meetings in other locations in due course. In any case, this is not (only) about meetings. It is about developing a platform for on-going exchange, information and collaboration to solve service business challenges.



If you have questions or comments, please contact or