The Service Leaders Network Vision

The Service Leaders Network helps members enhance their careers and improve their business.

It not only unlocks a growing knowledge base, research reports, benchmarks or tools and methodologies, it provides opportunities for networking through “insight events” and facilitates Peer-2-Peer collaboration in problem solving and business development.

Members can gain fast and easy access to experts and specialists. Whether for business coaching and support or to drive projects, design and deliver training courses, conduct bespoke research or provide rapid insight: As and when they need it.

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The second meeting of the Service Leaders Network will be on June 19, 2019 at Caterpillar Energy Solutions in Mannheim, Germany.

Kick-Off Meeting Objectives

The purpose of the Service Leaders Network Kick Off Meeting is to discuss with potential members how the network might work and to give them a flavour of the value it can bring to their business. The specific meeting objectives are:

  1. Co-create the format of the Service Leaders Network
  2. Demonstrate the value for participants in the Service Leaders Network
  3. Give attendees a taste of how the network might operate
  4. Set up a Solutioning Project of a common challenge

Meeting Logistics and Organisation

Date:                    22nd March 2019

Location:             Lufthansa Conference Centre, Lufthansaring 1, 64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany

Contact:   +49 69 696 13 1000 or

Cost:           300 euro net
To cover organisational expenses including lunch, meeting room etc
Overnight accommodation is available from the 21st to 22nd of March at the conference centre hotel. A number of rooms are reserved until 20th of February.  If you would like to book a room, please contact the conference centre directly and reference ‘Service Leaders Network KO”.

Proposed Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda is designed to facilitate the discussion of the future of the Service Leaders Network.  This will be a facilitated workshop / conversation (i.e. no powerpoints) to develop together ideas of how better to solve business challenges, leveraging the knowledge and experiences of its members.  The agenda will also give members a taste of the operational ethos of the Service Leaders Network:

  • Value from every conversation
  • The sum is greater than the individual parts

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