Service Leaders Network™

Collaborate to Compete

A Subscription-based Peer-2-Peer Community

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Collaboration for Value

The Service Leaders Network builds on the exchange of experience and insights as well as collaboration between members in common projects to build stronger capabilities and knowledge among participants, drive performance, master challenges and solve problems.

At its heart are “Experience Exchange” workshops -key for members to make the most out of each others’ expertise, experience, and insights. “Collaborative Projects” -projects undertaken by members working together to solve a common problem or enhance performance- are the next step and involve co-development or application of tools and methods and sharing of results. Companies collaborating on such projects are non-competing and sign confidentiality agreements. Not only do exchange and collaboration enhance individual performance. But with the right facilitation and guidance the business outcomes usually far exceed what would have been accomplished by members working on their own -while the costs are far lower -thus ensuring returns that are a multiple of the required investment.

And the Service Leaders Network offers further benefits: It provides access to benchmarking exercises, and it unlocks a growing knowledge base of research and best-practice methodologies. It provides opportunities for networking and organizes events with global thought leaders on key service management topics, business and technology trends.

Members also gain fast and easy access to experts and specialists. Whether for problem-solving, fast insights, validation of ideas, business coaching, or training: As and when it is required.

Service Leaders Network: Collaborate to Compete

For Senior Service Leaders and Managers

  • Grow Service revenue, earnings, and customer loyalty
  • Drive Service excellence and performance
  • Reduce cost through process improvements and digitization
  • Discover new profitable Service offerings and innovations
  • Develop your people

Service Leaders Network

A Peer-2-Peer Collaborative Approach

Experience Exchange

Exchange experience, expertise, and insights with colleagues from different companies and industries to build know-how and capabilities.

Collaborative Projects

Collaborate with colleagues from different companies to address a challenge or solve a problem that you and your peers select as high priority.

Benchmarking +

Benchmark with peers and industry leaders. Discover a growing methodological library, management tools, and best practice guides.

On-Demand Advisory

Augment your capability and capacity through rapid expert or peer support when you need it and as much as you need -On any challenging topic.

Bespoke Research

Keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. Commission research individually or with peers. Reduce the cost, increase the relevance.

Insight Events

Exchange views and opinions with recognized global thought leaders. Understand global trends, explore new topics and generate new ideas.

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Virtual Cluster for service know-how

It is a well-established norm that most companies today endeavor to facilitate and support collaboration between departments, teams or individual managers and employees. They try to encourage it through both positive and negative incentives, often linking monetary bonuses and other rewards to some form of “collaboration metrics”, while penalizing “silo” mentality and behavior. This is not necessarily linked to some specific undertaking or project, where collaboration is, in any case, necessary to get it done, but in order to foster behavioral and cultural change. Because collaboration is considered generically desirable -and with good reason. For example, a study by Stanford University from a few years ago found that collaboration supercharges performance and productivity. As the researchers put it “cues of working together can inspire intrinsic motivation, turning work into play”.

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Service Leaders Network™

Answers to Your Questions

What is the SLN?

The Service Leaders network (SLN) is a facilitated collaborative network organized and managed by Si2 Partners. Its governance includes an advisory board drawn from members. At its heart are “Collaborative Projects” undertaken by members working together to master a common challenge or solve a common problem. Members also gain access to market leading business research, a growing library of methodological tools and best practice guidelines, On-Demand business support and advisory as well as to networking, experience exchange and insight events with peers and experts.

How Can SLN Help me?

Research has shown that collaboration improves performance outcomes and increases capacity for innovation. Furthermore it reduces the unit costs of that improved outcome (i.e. per participant). SLN members join and stay with SLN because it helps boost their own, their teams’ and their businesses performance, enhances their competitiveness and delivers outstanding return on investment.

How much does SLN cost?

The SLN membership fee structure delivers outstanding value. To ensure this is the case -as this is still a novel project- it is continuously discussed with members. To find out more call us or email us using one of the contact forms.  

Who can become an SLN Member?

Senior industrial service leaders and managers who are active practitioners may become members of SLN. SLN welcomes functional, general or business unit managers located in any part of the world and representing large, medium or smaller companies and organizations. SLN plans to incorporate many industries from mechanical and electrical engineering and manufacturing to energy and infrastructure as well as pure-play industrial service providers.

What does SLN include?

Core to SLN membership is participation in 4 Experience Exchange workshops per year. These are 1- or 2-day sessions in groups of 12-15 participants and deal with a specific issue, topic, or problem selected by members. The tight format and a small number of participants allow for extensive and in-depth exploration, and vigorous discussion and exchange of ideas -based on participants’ own knowledge and experience and with the support of outside experts. In many cases, some members also participate in later “deep-dive” sessions to address an important arising question more deeply or comprehensively. Members also gain the opportunity to work with peers in facilitated groups on projects over a longer period of time to address a common challenge or solve a common problem. Participants in such “Collaborative Projects” are from non-competing companies and sign NDAs. In addition, members have access to regular benchmarking exercises and benchmarking data,  may jointly commission bespoke research; and use a growing library of tools, methodologies, and best practice guidelines;  Membership in the SLN also provides on-going access to On-Demand support as and when required by support by experts and peers -whether this is to solve a particular problem, gain access to information or simply to validate thinking or test a new idea. Furthermore, members take part in insight events with thought leaders and recognized experts on key topics and trends impacting industrial services.

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