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Augury provides a comprehensive Machine Health and Performance solution for different industries. Interestingly, it has added a repair and replacement warranty to its platform that compensates customers if a missed diagnosis leads to failure of certain equipment.
The company also provides its technology to OEMs via partnering programs. “OEMs are granted direct, asset-level views of their equipment in the field. This allows their end-user customers greater access to their aftermarket services, in turn increasing efficiencies at the asset and facility levels.” |
Published customers include Heineken, Danone, Colgate-Palmolive, ICL, Trane, Grundfos, and many others.
Founded in Israel in 2011, Augury is headquartered in New York.


Augury’s solution is centered on asset monitoring and predictive maintenance (Machine Learning) functionality drawing on a data-set with thousands of failure cases. Diagnostics are relayed to site teams when early malfunctions are detected. These can, in turn, be used to prioritize actions while benchmarking can help to discover problem root causes.
The company offers consulting services to help customers with implementation.

Key features:


  • Wireless sensor fusion
  • Data transferred to cloud via Bluetooth, Wi-fi or cellular signal

  • Database of mechanical failures
  • ML-powered predictive analytics
  • Visual benchmarks
  • Realtime view of machine health
  • Integration with CMMS and ERP systems
    Through a partnership with Munich RE/HSB (a major industrial insurer), the company offers a financial warranty of up to US$ 100,000 for equipment that fails due to error in diagnostics.


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    263 W 38th St., 16th floor New York, NY 10018 United States