Service Leaders Network

What it includes

Collaborative Projects

Collaborative Projects are at the heart of the Service Leaders Network. Members select a challenge or problem of significant interest to them and their businesses. Those selecting the same topic work together in small groups to find a solution or a way to master the challenge. The outcome may be methodological (e.g. a best practice guideline) or an outright business or management response -quantifiable through metrics. They always involve Expert Practitioners with recent experience to ensure that outcomes are practical, reliable and robust. Collaborative Projects are key for members to make the most of their participation in the Service Leaders Network and a cornerstone of the SLN offering and approach. They help members directly address both their own and their businesses’ performance and reap significant returns on their SLN investment.

Bespoke Research

SLN Members can keep their finger on the pulse of their industry, market or customer base -whether individually or together with others- by commissioning bespoke research reports on important topics of interest, including market, customer and competitive surveys as well as industry-specific service and technology reports. In addition SLN provides free access to regular briefings, white papers and thinksheets to help guide decision making, strategy and operational readiness.

Methods and Tools

SLN Members can improve their business, operations, and project implementation through access to a growing methodological library, the outcome of many years of experience and research, including management tools, methods and guidelines specifically adapted to and tailored for service business. They include strategy, operational and sales frameworks, how-to guides, blueprints and more.

On-Demand Support and Advisory

On-Demand Advisory is a rapid support and advisory service for members of the Service Leaders Network. Based on SLN’s evolving platform it brings together those with a problem, question or challenge with those who can help answer or solve it, both Si2 experts and other members. On-Demand may also be used to help generate new ideas, validate thinking or simply resolve own capacity constraints -as an extended workbench. Virtually, rapidly and cost-effectively, wherever you are in the world, On-Demand Advisory helps ensure that you are never alone with a difficult challenge.

Experience Exchange and Networking

SLN Members meet in larger groups in different locations a few times a year to exchange ideas and experiences, network and make contacts with peers in the broader service space or their own ecosystem. The format is that of a small, more intimate conference. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and presentations or debates may also be followed live over the internet

Insight Events

Insight Events for Members of the Service Leaders Network take place once or twice a year. They focus on important long term trends in markets, technology, and management thinking relevant to the service business. They feature presentations by recognized international experts.