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Service in Industry is an evolving concept with a number of collaborators:

Titos Anastassacos is a co-founder of Si2 Partners, a management consultancy and services firm for service based businesses. He focuses on service strategy and business development, outcome based services, pricing, operations and service delivery models as well as Industrial Internet of Things applications and asset management. Prior to Si2 he was a Managing Partner at Origin Strategic Resources,  a senior executive at Veolia Environnement, the French environmental services group and at ABB Asea Brown Boveri, where he was one of the original team that built the company’s renowned service business. He also spent 10 years in consulting with Accenture and LB Knight. He has an MSc in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Mannheim, a PGDip in Industrial Engineering from NTU Athens and an MBA from Cranfield University.

Email: titos.anastassacos@si2partners.com      Web: www.si2partners.com

Nick Frank is a co-founder of Si2 Partners, a management consultancy and services firm for service based businesses. He focuses primarily on service strategy development, servitization business models, ecosystems, innovation management, and service business development, working on numerous projects in diverse industries including engineering, high volume manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and technology. Prior to his career as a consultant, Nick worked as a Professional Engineer and Launch Manager at Xerox, Director of Full Service Provider Programs at Textron Inc and later as General Manager After-Market Sales EMEA at Husky Injection Molding Systems. Nick has BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton and an MBA from Cranfield University.

Email: nick.frank@si2partners.com                       Web: www.si2partners.com

Dag Grönevik is a consultant focusing on international service management and service transformation, strategy, operations, business and organizational development. An expert in business execution, Dag’s particular interest is in helping clients adapt their service strategies to grow faster in local markets, adjust their approaches to different cultures and maturity levels, implement world class operations and get the best out of people all over the world. In a career spanning three decades in leadership positions at Tetra Pak and Sidel, he helped build those companies’ service businesses into formidable global operations. Dag has worked in Australia, UK, Russia, China, Italy, Sweden, Thailand – as head of Tetra Pak’s service business in South and SouthEast Asia-  and Switzerland, where he was head of Sidel’s global services business.

Howard Lightfoot PhD is a leading authority in the field of Servitization. He was lead researcher of the Program for Servitization and Product-Service Systems at Cranfield University and co-authored the book ‘Made to Serve: How Manufacturers Compete Through Servitization and Product-Service Systems’ (Wiley 2013). He has worked with the leading service-centric companies in his field including Rolls-Royce, Caterpillar, Alstom, MAN Bus & Truck, Xerox and Bosch and currently he is  Director of the Operations Excellence Institute at Cranfield University. Prior to his research, Howard held senior R&D, operations and management positions with Marconi, the Volex Group and Matra-Marconi Space. He has also held board level appointments at several SMEs supplying the automotive, utilities, aerospace and defense sectors.

Mike Provost PhD is an expert in Servitization and Asset Management systems and technology.  In his book Everything Works Wonderfully (AnchorPrint Group 2015), Mike captures the lessons he learned during nearly four decades involved in the  management of complex physical assets and the resulting service business transformations.  Mike spent many years at Rolls-Royce working on design, modelling and analysis of civil aero-engine performance and developing aero-engine Condition Monitoring systems, where in 2000 he won the Chairman’s Award for Technical Innovation for his contribution to the Rolls Royce COMPASS Condition Monitoring system. He also worked for Data Systems & Solutions, a Rolls Royce spin-off, applying aerospace Asset Management techniques to industries such as railways. Later Mike led the team that developed the engineering analysis and visualization methods used in Bomdardier ORBITA, a world leading railway Asset Management system.  Directly prior to becoming a consultant Mike was Engineering Fellow Predictive Asset Management at Intelligent Energy. Mike holds a Honours degree in Engineering from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Thermal Power from Cranfield University.

Mike Blumberg is a consultant in field service, after-sales services and reverse logistics. He specializes in analyzing current capabilities and market needs leading to the development of realistic strategies for business expansion into previously uncharted territory. Mike is also an expert in the management of internal systems and processes so that they operate at an optimal level of productivity and efficiency, aligned towards the needs of the external market. A consultant since the mid-80’s, Mike has been COO of D.F. Blumberg and Associates Inc. and is currently President of Blumberg Advisory Group, a well known specialist US consultancy focusing on services and the aftermarket. As such, Mike has successfully worked for numerous blue chip, Fortune 1000 and other national and international firms helping them develop service strategies and improve operations. His clients include companies from the industrial automation, manufacturing, telecoms, medical technology , IT services, facilities management, software and 3rd party logistics sectors.

Peter Maier is a consultant in service operations, logistics and  parts management. Peter spent many years at Linde AG rising to senior positions in manufacturing and logistics, including as Head of Global Logistics Projects, Head of European Parts Operations and Global Supply Chain Director, contributing to significant improvement in the company’s operational performance and bottom line. He also worked as Operations Director for Hako Group and as Senior Consultant for Management Engineers.  He now focuses on helping clients develop and execute global operations, logistics and service parts strategies and implement robust processes and management systems.  Peter is also Managing Director of PMK Service Parts Management, a firm offering comprehensive management, execution and technology solutions for service parts management.


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