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How to keep your machines secure over the next 15 years?

Connectivity is becoming a commodity forming a risk for machine builders and factory owners. Nowadays, an average machine is connected to an internal network, to talk to SCADA and MES systems, or to the internet for remote access and data analysis. However, software running in the machines’ controllers and operating systems get older and new vulnerabilities are discovered to make such systems insecure. In worst case scenarios this leads to production stops. So, how do you guarantee that your installed machines are protected now and in the future?

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Benchmarking Industrial Services: A Methodology Outline

Benchmarking is a powerful tool for improving performance. In industrial services, it has been underused partly because services are more difficult to benchmark and partly because companies didn't see a pressing need for it. But as service becomes more of a competitive focal point managements face pressure to up their game and benchmarking is gaining in importance. Nevertheless, benchmarking exercises need solid methodological underpinnings to be successful. This article shows how it can be done.

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