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Through-Life Engineering Service is critical to Industrial Growth -Video

As frequent readers of the Service in Industry HUB will know, Si2 Partners has been very involved in the development of a National Strategy for service led business models to support the growth of UK manufacturing.  We believe that not only the UK, but global manufacturing is  in the process of re-inventing itself away from the public perception  of ‘dark satanic mills’! That modern manufacturing businesses are fast becoming experts in digitisation, finance and relationship management, developing capabilities found more frequently in other parts of the economy.  A whole new cadre of young people, with digital skills get pulled into industry because it’s a rewarding and exciting place to be.

This excellent video from the UK’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult, developed together with leading thinkers such as Cranfield University and Rolls Royce, explains how Through-Life Engineering services is starting to make a massive difference to the UK. Already the true contribution of manufacturing to the UK, when taking into account Product based Services is conservatively put nearer to 16%. And with a change in mindset to a service led approach, it is estimated that an additional 1.9% of GVA can be added to the economy.




Nick Frank is Managing Partner at Si2 Partners, a consultancy helping clients leverage services to win in industrial markets.  Our new “Si2 On-Demand” service provides clients with access to tactical problem solving, insights and support by Service Leaders for Service Leaders, in small bite-size chunks. To learn more visit Si2 ON-Demand

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